Blog #8: Christchurch Top 5

In Christchurch our trip really starts! Before we pick up the campervan we have plenty of time, almost 3 days, to discover this city. Christchurch has its own unique look and feel, there is no other city that compares. The residents are resilient; because of the many earthquakes they face, their city is in a constant mode … Continue reading Blog #8: Christchurch Top 5


Blog #7: Arriving in New Zealand

Finally! On January 2nd we flew to Auckland via Dubai. The second longest flight in the world. The only things for our 6 week trip I booked in advance were: the campervan a ticket to Christchurch a hotel for our first nights in Auckland & Christchurch a kayak trip in Milford Sound In Dubai we have 2,5 … Continue reading Blog #7: Arriving in New Zealand


On this blog you will find all you need to know about travelling to New Zealand! In 2016 we decided to travel to New Zealand for 6 weeks in early-2017. We already travelled a lot and New Zealand is actually really easy-going in terms of travel preparation. Though, when I looked on the internet to … Continue reading Welcome